We offer individual lessons to allow for individual learning, letting our tutors respond to the student’s own pace. Music tuition at International Music School Cardiff consists of individual instrumental lessons, additional music theory and musicianship workshops, as well as regular performance opportunities in our public concerts. Every tutor at International Music School Cardiff is an outstanding professional musician, and we want to pass on our skills through teaching and performing our instruments.

Music is a social activity, and we want to give our students the confidence to perform in public, so we offer regular performance opportunities throughout the year. We also offer chamber music recitals, so that students can become accustomed to working in groups.

What should you expect from instrument lessons?

Our individual lessons last from 30 minutes to 60 minutes per week, whichever instrument the student chooses. Individual learning is accompanied by our weekly musicianship workshops, as well as music theory group classes, preparing students to take their grade 5 theory and aural skills tests which are essential for anyone wanting to pass practical instrument grades above grade 5.

As soon as a student has chosen an instrument, we allocate a tutor and a slot for their weekly music lesson for the next school term. We also offer guidance on aspects of learning an instrument, including instrument hire and purchase, student exams and performances. Every tutor at International Music School Cardiff has a recent DBS certificate as well as a degree in music from a conservatoire.

Our rates are £19 for 30 minutes, £28 for 45 minutes and £36 for 60 minutes of individual tuition. Please refer to the following link for further information and prices for music theory & musicianship group classes.

Together with the Kings Monkton School, we offer two annual International Music School Cardiff Scholarships, which offer 20% off school fees at the Kings Monkton School as well as discounts on music tuition at International Music School Cardiff. If you would like to find out if you qualify, please get in touch.

There are various other bursaries and selected scholarships available to help pay for tuition, please get in touch for further details.