All tutors at International Music School Cardiff are hand-picked, highly trained professional musicians with an enthusiasm for teaching their instrument. Lessons take place in our city-centre venue, and it is our vision to create a place where music tuition of the highest quality is delivered alongside regular professional concerts and public performance opportunities for our students.

What should you expect from flute lessons?

At the very beginning you will learn how to assemble the instrument, how to hold it and how to create an even sound. Your flute lessons will include exercises on breathing, sound quality and technique. It is great fun to explore the flute, and you would be surprised at how quickly you will be able to play some tunes.

A little bit about the instrument

The flute is one of the most beautiful instruments, both to listen and to look at. Watching a flautist play has a unique sense of aesthetic, because no other instrument makes a sound the way the flute does.

The flute is the only woodwind instrument which doesn’t have a reed, a thin strip of material in the mouthpiece which vibrates to create a sound. A flute’s sound comes only through the flow of air across the opening, which creates an airy, round tone.

Aside from the human voice, flutes are the earliest known musical instruments. Examples of flutes dating back to more than 40,000 years have been found in Germany.

For some context, most musical notation is only around 1,000 years old! The flute has been part of human culture for way longer than any other aspect of our musical heritage. That’s why the look and sound of the flute have such a special effect on us today.