All tutors at International Music School Cardiff are hand-picked, highly trained professional musicians with an enthusiasm for teaching their instrument. Lessons take place in our city-centre venue, and it is our vision to create a place where music tuition of the highest quality is delivered alongside regular professional concerts and public performance opportunities for our students.

What should you expect from saxophone lessons?

The saxophone is a very versatile instrument. In the beginning you’ll get to know the mechanics of the instrument with its keys and mouthpiece, learning how to produce an even sound. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Your teacher will introduce finger exercises, breathing techniques and physical exercises in order to develop a strong and healthy posture while playing. You will be encouraged to work your way through graded exams which is a good way to gain a sense of achievement and to always have a goal to work towards. Plus completing the higher grades looks great on future university and job applications.

A little bit about the instrument

Invented in 1840 by a Belgian named Adolph Sax, the saxophone is one of the coolest instruments to play!

Famous for its unique look and sound, it always attracts the eyes and ears of a concert audience.Though the sax is best-known for big bands and jazz combos, it has a wide repertoire, appearing in marching bands, chamber and orchestral music.

The saxophone is actually a member of the woodwind family, despite the fact that it’s made of brass! Like the clarinet, and unlike brass instruments, it’s a single-reeded instrument, meaning that the mouthpiece has a thin strip of material in it that vibrates to create a sound.

Many classical works, particularly from the 20th and 21st century, feature the saxophone in chamber music, orchestral and solo settings.