All tutors at International Music School Cardiff are hand-picked, highly trained professional musicians with an enthusiasm for teaching their instrument. Lessons take place in our city-centre venue, and it is our vision to create a place where music tuition of the highest quality is delivered alongside regular professional concerts and public performance opportunities for our students.

What should you expect from trombone lessons?

The first thing you will learn in your lessons is how to produce an even sound. This takes a bit of time to get used to, not least because your lips will have to get stronger. In the beginning your lips and facial muscles need to get accustomed to the new way of being challenged.

Once you are familiar with the basics of sound production, how you hold the instrument and how to use the slide mechanism you will start an exciting musical journey that will enrich your whole life.

There are excellent plastic instruments that are becoming popular now which are a great way to start as they are light, durable and affordable. You can hire a beginner instrument directly through International Music School Cardiff which is a convenient way for you to try out the instrument before committing to buying your own.

A little bit about the instrument

The trombone is a very special instrument. It is part of the family of brass instruments, yet it has a unique feature which none of the other brass instruments share: the slide mechanism. Like all other brass instruments, the sound is produced through the vibrating lips of the player which cause the air column inside the instrument to vibrate. The difference between the trombone and the other brass instruments is that the pitch is changed through the slide mechanism as opposed to valves.

The trombone is one of the most versatile of the brass instruments and can be played in virtually any genre. Whether in brass, concert, military or marching bands, jazz combos, big bands, classical orchestras, chamber music or solo repertoire, the trombone feels at home.

This is what makes the trombone a great instrument to play. Learning the trombone means being involved in many group activities and ensembles and meeting lots of people who play different instruments – and everyone will be jealous of your trombone with its cool slide mechanism!