Music Theory and Musicianship

Our weekly music theory and musicianship group classes are essential elements of a good music curriculum.

International Music School Cardiff encourages all students, right from the very start of their music lessons, to attend music theory classes. Grade 5 Theory is compulsory for students taking practical graded exams above Grade 5 of the ABRSM syllabus, but studying sight-reading, aural skills, harmony and theory will significantly improve students’ performance in their individual sessions.

Regular sessions dedicated to music theory and elements of general musicianship are essential in order for students to develop into well-rounded musicians, regardless of age or instrument. Students are grouped by their knowledge level and what grade of music theory they’re currently working on.

Our professional tutors will make sure you achieve exactly what you want and we promise you’ll pass your next grade with ease.

Please get in touch to find out more about our current timetable, the cost per 60-minute class is £8.