Exploring Music from birth

Music education starts as soon as a baby can hear, which is around 15 weeks of pregnancy. Singing and playing music to your baby from this stage helps with early musical and emotional development, studies have shown. Particularly as soon as the baby is born music is not only a fun activity for the whole family, but also helps develop fundamental musical skills.

Tiny Trebles baby music classes were designed by Daphne Voigt, co-founder of IMS and experienced piano and music theory tutor. Witnessing the effect early stage music exposure had on her own daughter inspired her to share this experience with other families through music classes.

In the sessions Daphne will explore singing, rhythm and movement through group musical activities. The highlights of the sessions are real instrument live music by Daphne on the piano, as well as guest musicians. Once children are old enough IMS offers a smooth transition to formal one-to-one music lessons in all instruments.

“Watching my own daughter dance and sing along to music before she was one year old and smile whenever I sing to her just amazed me. Children absord so much more than we think and I look forward to sharing this musical journey with you, your baby and your family.” -Daphne Voigt.


Classes take place on Saturday morning during term time:

10-10.40am Tiny babies (Age group: newborn to 18th months)

11-11.40am Tiny troubles (Age group: 18 months up to 3 years old)

The cost per session is £7. Please get in touch to book your free taster session and for block booking.

Looking forward to meeting you!