Are you a regular shower singer who wishes to take things a step further? Then read on! The human voice is a beautiful natural instrument gifted to us at birth. Mums of crying newborns might disagree with this observation, but their tots will soon develop the ability to manage their voice beautifully, while babbling initially, then talking and singing. In our lifetime, however, not all of us will learn how to use our voice to its full potential unless we are taught by an expert.

Being a confident singer opens up a huge range of wonderfully rewarding possibilities. The song repertoire for solo singers is vast, whether you enjoy classical, jazz or pop songs. Being part of a small chamber choir is another great possibility for the advanced singer. Once the voice is fully developed, musical theatre or opera production are exciting ways to combine speech, singing and acting.

For those of you wishing to discover their voice’s hidden secrets, taking singing lessons at IMS Cardiff is a great place to start.

Our Tutors

All singing teachers at International Music School Cardiff are professional singers who will inspire you through their fantastic skills and enthusiasm for the voice as one of the most powerful instruments. Lessons take place in our city-centre venue, and it is our vision to create a place where music tuition of the highest quality is delivered alongside regular professional concerts and public performance opportunities for our students.

What To Expect?

Our highly experienced singing teachers work with students of all ages and levels to develop a good breathing technique, body awareness and stage presence, while nurturing their musicality. The singing repertoire is vast; from folk songs to pop music, and from musicals to lieder and opera, our teachers will guide you through the different styles and techniques. At the same time, we offer regular performance opportunities for students, which provide invaluable stage experience. In addition, aural training and music theory classes are available, to expand your musical understanding and develop your listening skills.

Our students learn to strengthen their voices using vocal exercises which they will be encouraged to practice at home, together with the songs they study. To further enhance the singing lessons we offer additional classes for aural skills and music theory.

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What’s In It For You?

Learning how to sing, with technical and musical skill, can be a very gratifying experience. And it does not have to be lonely; singing in duos, trios or as part of a chamber choir is both rewarding and great fun. Meeting other people with similar interests to you and singing old favourites or discovering new repertoire with them takes socialising to a new, more exciting level.

And then add to that enjoyment the numerous benefits of learning music, as a child or an adult. When singing or playing an instrument, you brain is trained to an exceptional level, multitasking becomes second nature, you learn how to deal with stress efficiently, and you explore your emotions. And don’t forget that the vocal instrument comes total free! So take the plunge today. Learn how to sing at IMS Cardiff.