The guitar: acoustic or electric; played seated with a foot stool for support or standing with a strap around your neck; with its strings picked with fingernails and fingertips or a plectrum (or guitar pick); in classical music, flamenco, jazz, pop, rock. The list of options is endless. And such is the versatility and adaptability of this beautiful instrument. Whether you dream of performing Joaquin Rodrigo’s famous Concierto de Aranjuez in front of a symphony orchestra, if you idolise the legend that is Jimi Hendrix, if you dream of playing Flamenco, or if you are looking to have a bit of fun jamming with your mates, here at International Music School Cardiff, you will be given the opportunity to become the best guitar player you can be.

What To Expect

All teachers at International Music School Cardiff are highly experienced musicians with a real passion for their instrument. They have been appointed, following a thorough selection process, to guide you through your musical journey and to inspire you to enjoy the full potential of the instrument. Lessons take place at our city-centre venue and are combined with attendance of regular professional concerts, preparation for graded exams and student performances, providing you with a well-rounded musical education. For more details on duration and cost of lessons, see here. To arrange a no-obligation trial lesson, get in touch with us today.

The Benefits

No one can question the fundamental role music education plays to the upbringing of a child. Several studies have shown that children that learn how to play an instrument also excel in the classroom. Creativity, hand coordination, multitasking, the ability to stay focused for a long period of time, physical stamina, patience and heightened sense of hearing are only a few of the very important advantages of playing music. But these are not limited to childhood; adults who take up an instrument also enjoy such benefits and are practically guaranteed a sharp mind later in life.

One of the principal reasons one would decide to learn how to play the guitar is for the sheer pleasure of it. The soothing sound of its strings will allow you to relax and unwind following a long day at school or at work. And if your practice room feels too lonely, then teaming up with a singer, drummer and a bass player is bound to get you excited. The possible ensemble combinations are endless and the musical styles and repertoire for the guitar are equally vast. Don’t delay any longer; if you think the guitar if for you, then get in touch with us today!