From the very first moment of our existence, rhythm is part of our life. From our mother’s heartbeat to the familiarity of our steady breath on the pillow at night, and from a tennis ball being passed back and forth to the sound of a computer keyboard, rhythm is everywhere. In music, percussion instruments have been around for several thousand years and are without a doubt the backbone of any musical style, leading ensembles and creating some cool vibes along the way.

What To Expect?

At International Music School Cardiff you will have the opportunity to discover the full range of the drum kit, while being taught by one of our hand-picked and highly-trained professional musicians, who are here to guide you through your musical journey and to pass on their enthusiasm for the instrument. Lessons take place at our city-centre venue and are combined with attendance of regular professional concerts, preparation for graded exams and student performances, to help you develop into the best musician you can be. To arrange a trial lesson and see for yourself, get in touch today.


The Benefits

Learning how to play a musical instrument provides you with invaluable benefits. Stress relief, keeping your brain fit, hand coordination, intense concentration, the ability to multitask and developing your creative side are only a few examples of how much music has to offer. Have a look at this fantastic TEDEd video on the multiple advantages brought to you by learning to play music – at any age.

As a drummer in particular, you will quickly expand on your mathematical skills and, with the drums being an integral part of any musical style, you will soon be busy participating in all kinds of ensembles. This very social music-making experience will instil in you a sense of responsibility, as all other instruments will be following your rhythmical lead, and will enhance your confidence, both musically and otherwise. Not to mention you will be the coolest person on stage!

Finally, at our School, you will have access to both an acoustic and an electronic drum kit, as well as a fully-equipped recording studio, for some very enjoyable jam sessions. Don’t think twice, take the plunge today and learn how to play the drums. And if you are (mistakenly!) feeling too old for this, or you think it is too late to start learning an instrument, then have a read of our blog article on learning to play music as an adult.  And if that doesn’t convince you, watch drummer Charlie Watts in this 2006 Rolling Stones video, aged 65 and totally rocking it!

All tutors at International Music School Cardiff are hand-picked, highly trained professional musicians with an enthusiasm for teaching their instrument. Lessons take place in our city-centre venue, and it is our vision to create a place where music tuition of the highest quality is delivered alongside regular professional concerts and public performance opportunities for our students.