Music Foundation

Many parents want their children to learn music, and as early-years music specialists, we know the right path for your little one. We focus on helping them develop the necessary skills and musicality that will make learning an instrument much easier when they’re old enough to play one!


What is Music Foundation?

Music Foundation is a series of music classes specially designed for young children age 4 to 6. Our curriculum is based on the Music Learning Theory by Professor Edwin Gordon, one of the leading figures in music education. His method of nurturing young children has been adopted by many world-renowned schools and institutions.

Many music experts believe that our voice and body are our very first musical instrument. So before we explore any instruments, we will develop the skills which the children will need to play them through singing, rhythm games and movement. We focus on developing their co-ordination and creativity, encouraging a good sense of rhythm and pulse, the ability to sing the right notes, and the skills that will let children play by ear and by notation.

Professor Gordon’s curriculum for children of this age group contains many interactive games, encouraging them to respond to the music they hear by exploring their own singing voice. During our Music Foundation classes, we sing songs without words from various musical styles and traditions. We will sing tonal and rhythmic patterns, too, so that children learn to imitate the music language of the classes.

Activities are structured, helping children develop musical skills in a playful way. Children will learn to identify whether their own performance of given musical patterns are the same or different to the performance of others, starting the development of their critical skills.

We will play with musical forms and we’ll stretch our memories through fun and challenging activities. We also start introducing musical vocabulary, and moving towards using rhythm and melody.


What will my little one achieve through Music Foundation?

Your child will:

  • Sing in tune
  • Be able to play by ear
  • Have a good sense of rhythm and pulse
  • Have developed musical creativity and the ability to improvise

And the bonus is, because your child’s ears are now very sensitive to sound, learning any new languages will be much easier too!


Why Music Foundation and International Music School Cardiff?

At Music Foundation, each child will receive individual attention and we keep track of their individual musical development. We’ve designed Music Foundation to offer the perfect start to your child’s musical education, to prepare them for learning any instrument they choose. So once your child is musically equipped, we offer a smooth transition from Music Foundation to one-to-one music lessons in all instruments, taught by one of our team of professional musicians.

We love parents getting involved in the classes, so please feel welcome to stay and take part in our Music Foundation sessions!


What parents think…

“A class not to be missed! A uniquely-delivered class by enthusiastic professional musicians which instils a sense of rhythm in young children. My daughter was captivated for the whole lesson. I cannot wait to see what else is in store…”

Mary, mum of 4-year-old


Delightful music class; have been to two sessions and absolutely impressed with the amazing professional musicians. My little girl is really enjoying this class tapping into her creative musical side. Great venue too with easy parking!

Sarah, mum of 5-year-old

It’s £8 per 40-minute session, and they take place every Saturday from 10am during the school term.

Get in touch to arrange your free taster session now, and experience the difference yourself. We promise you and your child will be amazed!